Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hate Crimes

So I recently realized in my Facebook tabs of people much to my horror I know someone who believes that any and all hate crime legislation is regression rather than progression. I was so intrigued at this point that I had to read why this person felt that way. Apparently in their mind they see that having hate crime legislation means making all of us queer GLTBQQAI members the so-called "others". While I understand that mindset and the radical thinking of trying to get us to be the same rather than others. I feel as though we have to face the facts and realize that we are the others to all the people making the legislation and trying the criminals in court. I am not saying that is right or that it shouldn't be changed I am saying that is life. I am speaking as a victim of hate crime with real life experience of watching the people getting away that hate crime is a real thing and legislation is necessary.
After reading the opinion piece of hate crime all I could remember were the times I had "die faggot die" was written on my locker, or when my locker was lit on fire or when I had a sports team break my ribs and bruise my internal organs in a locker room before a big game in HS, or the time I was chased for miles in Nebraska my angry truck drivers, or the time a man tried to sexually assault me to make me ungay, or the time the Boston police decided to rough me up all those times they got away. I have seen even worse hate crimes, I have lost people to hate crimes. I once had to try and convince a crying man to not kill himself and to not let the people who raped and beat the shit out of him for being gay win and that someday people will love us for who we are, even though I felt like I should have told him he should have because I don't think the world will ever love us for who we are. Right now we are the others and while that individual is allowed their opinion, queer people everyday are raped, asualted and killed without the offender getting much more than a gentle slap on the wrist without the legislation. Hate crime legislation is just trying to level the playing field that is so uneven.

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  1. Amen! It's not about regulating speech, it's about prosecuting actual crimes that most cops think the victim deserved.