Saturday, April 17, 2010

1st track meet of the season

Today is my first track meet of the season, my 1st one since my knee surgery, and I can not wait. I don't really know how my knee is going to hold up, but I don't really care right now. I can't wait to get in the circle and feel like a god again, feel invincible, powerful and just plain happy. I am in a way happy my 1st track meet is going to be in 41 degree and rainy weather since I feel like that is where I can excel. I will be throwing at MIT with my athletes and I can't wait. Competition is my love as my partner says throwing is my mistress and today is the beginning of all the fun.


  1. I threw well considering that I had a lot of work done to my knee and still have a lot of damage. I know i can throw better, but for the first meet of the season and first meet back it was good.

  2. should be interesting this year- Campbell already over 71m at Mt Sac.

    That Amy Thayer that is just ahead of you on the current list- is she a Connecticut based thrower?

    Keep throwing!!

    I went to Masters Indoor Nationals in Boston and threw very poorly, blah, had a weak low distance first throw and then 5 sector fouls. I'm discouraged, but now starting my outdoor workouts with the 6kg (age 54), hope I can rebound.